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For more than 40 years, thousands of consumers have relied on Yarbrough & Company to  provide  them with real estate appraisals for their homes and investment property & we're honored to have their repeat business. We're greatly committed  to providing the highest quality property appraisal reports & superior customer service. When you need your home or rental property appraised, place your order with us.  We're state certified real estate appraisers for conventional, FHA, VA, commercial & home equity mortgage loans. You may call or place your order online for your real estate appraisal - just use the Order Online menu button.

Will you be selling or listing your home for sale in the near future?  If so, it's important to know the value of your home or real estate that you're selling.  Without a property appraisal, you could price your home too high & lose potential buyers. On the other hand, you could  price it too low & lose a great deal of money. It's always best to obtain a property appraisal from a licensed professional real estate appraiser when selling your home. Give us a call & we'll be glad to help you with any questions you may have & handle your property appraisal.

If your lender is charging you for private mortgage insurance, did you know that it's possible to have it removed from your mortgage loan, thereby reducing your monthly payment?

Not all mortgage loans have private mortgage insurance. Usually, a mortgage lender requires private mortgage insurance when the original loan amount financed exceeds 80% of the appraised fair market value or sales price of the home. Whenever your mortgage loan balance is 80% or less of the appraised fair market value of your home, it's possible to have the private mortgage insurance removed from your loan. This will reduce your monthly payments & save you money. 

By eliminating the private mortgage insurance you could recover the cost of the appraisal report alone within months & save a substantial amount of money over the life of your mortgage. If you feel your loan balance is 80% or less of the fair market value of your home, contact your lender to discuss their removal procedure. Contact Yarbrough & Company to request an appraisal of your home.

Are you going through a divorce or a partnership dispute where real estate is involved?

Settlement of property is based upon the value of the property, so you'll want to obtain a property appraisal report to protect your assets & rights to your fair share of the settlement.  We're experienced in handling appraisals for settlement cases & will provide you with a quality appraisal to help you protect your assets.

Has your tax assessor overstated the value of your real estate?

If you feel that your property has been assessed too high by the tax assessor, you will need a property appraisal to substantiate your claim. By obtaining the appraisal from Yarbrough & Company, you will have a state licensed appraisal report to provide the tax assessor's office as credible, substantiated evidence that your claim is bonafide. Contact us today to order your appraisal if you feel your property is overvalued by your tax office.


Are you representing an estate or being represented by an attorney or CPA regarding an estate or will?

Settlement of estates are determined by the value of the estate.  In order to determine the value of real property in an estate a real estate appraisal will be needed.

Whether you're administering an estate or an heir of an estate, you can rely on more than 40 years of service at Yarbrough & Company to assist by providing accurate, reliable, timely real estate appraisals for your estate or will. Our appraisers have combined experience exceeding 75 years & are state certified licensed appraisers.   

Contact us today @ (478) 745-2240 or email us using the form below.  For your convenience, you may also fax an order to (478) 744-9526 or place your order online now. 

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Bibb, Monroe, Jones, Houston County & Middle GA real estate appraisals for more than 40 yrs

The Georgia cities that we serve are:

• Macon         • Warner Robins

• Kathleen      • Bonaire

• Perry             • Gray

• Forsyth          • Juliette

• Fort Valley     • Roberta

• Milledgeville  • Lake Sinclair

• Jeffersonville  • Gordon

The Georgia counties that we serve are:

• Bibb                • Houston

• Jones               • Monroe

• Baldwin          • Peach

• Crawford        • Twiggs

• Wilkinson        • Putnam

Serving these areas for more than 40 years with quality real estate appraisals by state certified & licensed real estate appraisers.

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